Bonsai in a box – Crab Apple


Growing difficulty level- Advanced

Grow a Crab Apple bonsai tree from seed. All the materials are available to start growing your bonsai immediately. Your will receive 3 tree seeds, 3 peat pellets, 3 peat planting pots and growing instructions.

Sargent’s Crab-apple is a dwarf, deciduous flowering tree growing up to 2 metres tall. Pink buds open to 2.5cm sparkling white flowers. Flowering is followed by small red shiny “Crab Apples” around 1cm in diameter. The pea-sized fruits are sweet flavoured like rose hips, but are not usually used in cooking. This is an excellent specimen for bonsai enthusiasts.

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Grow your very own Crab Apple bonsai tree.


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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 11 cm