American Sweetgum


  • Soak the peat pellet in water until it expands fully.
  • Place the expanded pellet into the planting pot provided. (as per step 2 of the printed instructions included).
  • Place a single seed into the centre of the pellet, no more than the height of the seed deep .
  • Place the pot into a zip lock bag, seal the bag and put the bag into the fridge (+/- 5 C’) for a period of 30 days.
  • Check the contents weekly and add water if necessary to ensure it remains moist.
  • Remove the pot from the fridge and set it in a sheltered, sunny area e.g. a covered patio with morning sun or a window sill with morning sun.
  • Continue to water it as necessary to keep the soil moist, not saturated, full germination will begin with the sudden increase in temperature.