Wisteria Tree


  • Place the seed/s into a container of hot water, allow the water to cool.
  • Leave the seeds to soak for 24 hours.
  • If the seed has not softened and expanded during the soaking, carefully pierce the seed coat with a blade, being careful not to damage the internal parts of the seed and re-soak the seed.
  • Place the seed into the expanded peat pellet (as per step 2 & 3 of the printed instructions included) no more than the height of the seed deep.
  • Place the growing pots in a warm, sunny but sheltered environment to germinate e.g. a covered patio with morning sun or a window sill with morning sun.
  • Water should be done to keep the soil moist, but not saturated, you do not want the seeds to rot.
  • It can take wisteria seeds 30 to 60 days to germinate.

Seedling Care

  • Grow the seedlings under bright, sheltered conditions, outdoors.
  • Water when the soil dries out on the surface. After watering, empty any collected water from the drip tray, they should not sit in water as Wisteria do not enjoy having “wet feet.”
  • When the seedling is over 5cm tall, you can plant into a larger pot – not a bonsai pot at this stage – but a standard garden variety plastic pot, using standard potting soil.
    You do not need to remove the seedling from the peat pot, plant the entire peat pot and seedling into the new pot, the peat pot will break down and work into the potting soil.
  • Fertilise the seedling every 3-6 weeks, depending on the condition of the plant.